Here are a few shared moments from the parents of our amazing students.

U.C.C.   Greenawalds   Nursery   School

"One of the things I love about this school is all the extras built in to the program. From the many field trips, to the visits at the fire department, to Santa showing up at the holiday sing along, it is such a great first schooling experience for preschoolers"

" I am so thankful for this school. I sent both my boys there. It was the best decision I ever made. The teachers are so caring and prepared them so well for school. My boys and I cherish our memories from here!!!"

 "They work extremely well with children with special needs. They were so good at working with my son and getting him the proper help he needed. They recognized and helped me with getting great services for all his special needs!! I can never thank them enough!!"


 "I am so grateful for this school. My son absolutely loved this school. He is doing excellent in Elementary School and I can thank this school and their wonderful teachers for preparing my son for Kindergarten who is now in first grade. I love our morning greeting from Mrs. Stephens before we even walked through the door. Coming to this school is like being with family. I love our morning greeting from all of the wonderful teachers."