U.C.C.   Greenawalds   Nursery   School


U.C.C. Greenawalds Nursery School now offers 3 year old, 4 year old, and Pre-Kindergarten classes that run concurrently Monday through Thursday from 9-12.  The four day program is  convenient for sibling enrollees and our extended hours help ease the transition into the full day kindergarten schedule that local districts have recently adopted.   Our small class sizes create a family like atmosphere and ensures the individualized attention that young learners require.

Prices:  $190.00 per month. 10% Discount for sibling. (Call for details)
Registration fee: $50.00
Lunch Bunch: $10.00  Student brings a lunch for an extra hour of fun.  Tuesday and Thursday 12:00-1:00.  

(Download a registration form and other important documents, including the school handbook, emergency contact card, and medical form from our Forms and Documents page.)

As the educational expectations and demands on our children continue to increase, U.C.C.G.N.S. recognizes the delicate balance of promoting academic preparedness while honoring the innate curiosity of a child and the need for self-discovery through play.

Each program is designed to aid in the development age appropriate skills in various disciplines in order to lay the foundation for lifelong lovers of learning:

  • Academics, Language, and Literacy

  • Social and Interpersonal Skills

  • Self-Help and Intrapersonal Skills

  • Character Education

  • Music and the Arts

  • Health and Wellness

  • Classroom Procedures and Approaches to Learning

  • Independence

As every student is a unique learner, the school aims to provide an education through varied modalities, allowing opportunities for success and feelings of personal achievement:

  • Arts and Crafts

  • Weekly Library Class

  • Performing Arts

  • Assemblies with invited guests from our community.

  • Cooking

  • Social Studies and World Cultures

  • Science Experiments

  • Parties and Celebrations

  • Field Trips

  • Free and organized play (Outdoors if weather permits)

U.C.C. Greenawalds Nursery School recognizes the influence of the family on the child’s attitude toward school and education.  We provide many opportunities throughout year to include family and friends to join in the fun:

  • Halloween Pancake Breakfast

  • Halloween Party and Trunk - or -Treat

  • Thanksgiving Performance

  • Holiday Sing Along

  • Easter Party

  • Daddy and Me Night

  • Mother’s Day Tea

  • End of Year Picnic

  • Graduation Assembly

U.C.C. Greenawalds Nursery School has sustained a nurturing environment for over forty years, growing and adapting to meet the needs of today’s child while carrying on cherished traditions.